1993 Antonio Marin Montero

  • 1993 Antonio Marin Montero “Bouchet model”
  • Sold
  • Highly figured European Spruce Top
  • CSA Rosewood back and sides
  • 650mm scale
  • 52mm at nut
  • Fustero tuning machines

Marin built this particular guitar with a somewhat unusual transverse bridge bar or “Bouchet bar” which is crenelated between each of the five fan braces.  This is one of the more powerful Marin Montero guitars I’ve played.  It can really be pushed to the limit without muddiness and lack of clarity.  There is excellent balance between the bass and treble notes and the trebles have a shimmery crystalline quality.  Antonio Marin Montero is the most well respected maker living in Granada today and is credited as being the founder of the Granada school of guitar building after his meeting in 1977 and later collaboration with renowned French luthier Robert Bouchet.  Marin got his start building guitars under the tutelage of Manuel de la Chica and Eduardo Ferrer but really began to garner attention from aficionados after his encounter with Bouchet.  Marin spent time in Bouchet’s workshop and the two men built 5 guitars together.  Of Bouchet, Marin says, “our friendship stretches back to 1977 when I traveled to Paris to meet him. . .  I was especially interested in the way he braced his soundboards.  In Bouchet’s construction, there is a transverse bridge bar and the struts are progressively thicker up toward the highs.  The Bouchet bar gives the soundboard greater consistency in the region of the trebles, resulting in a guitar with a nicely balanced sound and ample sustain.”

Fustero Tuning Machines
Modified "Bouchet" bar
Modified "Bouchet" bar