1991 Ignacio Rozas Flamenca Blanca

1991 Ignacio Rozas Flamenco Guitar

-European spruce top
-Spanish Cypress back and sides
-650mm scale
-51mm at nut

The recently retired Madrid maker Ignacio Rozas was one of the illustrious makers to have built guitars for José Ramirez III in the 1960s and 1970s along with Felix Manzanero, Paulino Bernabe, Manuel Contreras, Mariano Tezanos, and Miguel Martinez. Hundreds of guitars came out of the Rozas workshop throughout his career but Ignacio only signed the labels of the guitars built entirely by himself as he did with this guitar. Rozas’s top flamenco model was known as the 2A and his top classical model the 1A. Rozas built many more classicals than flamencos during his career and most of the flamencos to leave his shop were built by journeymen, thus having unsigned labels making this particular instrument quite rare. This guitar plays effortlessly and has a very fast action and immediacy as well as having a sensual woody rasp and incredible volume just oozing duende.