1959 Antonio Mateu Ramis


Interesting guitar from little known midcentury Barcelona luthier Anontio Mateu Ramis.  This guitar is similar in proportions, bracing, feel, and sound to the guitars of Francisco Simplicio which would lead one to believe that Mateu had some sort of association with Simplicio or possibly Simplicio’s teacher Enrique Garcia.  Back and sides are lovely flamed mahogany and the top is Eurpoean spruce.  The guitar has clearly been played extensively and is the quintessence of a player’s instrument.  While this guitar wouldn’t hold any interest to a collector, it has a gorgeous deep, woody sound with velvety overtones and is a joy to play.  The guitar is very lightly built and while a bit rough cosmetically, is structurally sound.  This is #183 in Mateu’s opus.