In light of recent events and with a growing backlog of commissioned builds, I will no longer be taking on repair work.  My sincere apologies to those who have come to rely on my repair and restoration services.  With that said, I will continue to service instruments built by me.  July 15th, 2020.


Luthier Andy Danser studied guitar making at The International School for Instrument Building and Repair: Newark and Sherwood college in the UK under the tutelage of renowned instructors Roy Courtnall, Gary Johnson, and James Lister.  Following his time studying in England Andy served a year long apprenticeship with Master Luthier, Robert Jones at his shop in Park Slope Brooklyn, NY.  During his time with Bob, Andy honed his skills repairing and restoring many vintage nylon string guitars as well as Golden Age Martin and Gibson flat tops.  In addition to his formal training, Andy has had the good fortune to work alongside the wonderfully talented British luthier Gary Southwell, Canadian luthier Sergei Dejonge, and Ivan Schmuckler at Leeds School of Guitar Making in North Hampton, MA.  Spanning the almost two decades working as a professional Luthier, Andy has repaired and/or restored over two thousand instruments.

Andy has worked on fretted instruments of all descriptions and recently switched over to building full-time.  When constructing a commissioned instrument he employs only the finest timbers selected from a well seasoned cache of tone woods meticulously collected from all over the world.  Andy specializes in hand rubbed shellac finish applied in the traditional French polished method.  Other finishes such as various oil, nitro cellulose lacquer, and resin varnishes are available.

For those who appreciate owning fine hand-crafted instruments, both vintage and custom built guitars are for sale.

Scott Tenant playing 1883 Torres copy.
1883 Torres copy on display at the National Guitar Museum.